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Buttplugging and doggystyle anal loving


Anonymous asked:

How do I get my girlfriend to try anal? I'm quite "gifted" down there and shes scared it will hurt.

GO SLOW! use lots and lots and lots of lube. Warm her up first, fingers, toys, tongue. Don’t just try and shove your big dick in her ass, especially if she is tense. Make sure she is turned on. Eat her pussy, dip down and lick her asshole once in a while, slip a finger in her ass as you suck on her clit. You get her so worked up, she’ll BEG you to fuck her ass! Good luck!


Anonymous asked:

Your blog is frustrating as hell, I'm 50 and cant find a woman that will let me touch her ass, I wish I was younger!!! where do I look?

I’m sorry you’re frustrated! I was one of those who never let my husband touch my ass, but gradually we worked at it, bit by bit, and I grew to love my ass played with and fucked. It wasn’t an over night thing.


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