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Anonymous asked:

When you first started getting into anal, what was the ignition? It is one of the few things I am yet to try with a lady and I am on the fence about it still. Ps, your blog is hot. Cock dripping, vein poppingly hot.

Thanks for the compliments on my blog :)

My husband first got me into anal. I would ‘suffer’ through it at first, trying to relax my ass and try not to scream through it. As my ass got used to it, and as we used more toys (butt plugs, dildos) I began to really enjoy it. I found out exactly how I like my ass fucked, and how much cock/toy I can handle. It changes periodically but the joy of anal has grown for me.
If you’re reluctant, then you aren’t ready.
Yes it can be messy, and yes you will probably cause some pain at first if your lady isn’t used to it. But GO SLOW, use a ton of lube, and LISTEN to her. If she says stop, then stop! If she says ‘fuck my ass’ then you pound that sweet little asshole ;)

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